Platform: Android (Google Play)
Engine: Unity 4
Role: Game Designer and Game Programmer

Google Play

Allen The Alien is a 2D physics – puzzle game where you will help our little fluffy alien to cross through the dangerous Tiki Forest to obtain all its magical feathers to be able to fly again. Help Allen around more than 40 leves using breanchs, stones, bridges and everythign you find!


I was working on the tasks below:

  • Design, Implementation and testing of the puzzle levels
    • I have to design differents objects with differents mechanics to interactuate along the 50 levels
    • I designed three differents kinds of levels, basic (resolve puzzle with what you have), special levels (horizontal scroll) and big levels (something like basic levels but bigger and more complex)
  • Design and implementation of the monetization system
    • Monetization system in “Allen The Allien” is a simple system with intersitials and video rewards to obtain hints in every level.
  • Implementation of UI/UX
  • My objective as responsible of technology in Ethereal Psyche Games was to create our own technology so in this game I focus on build methods and scripts keeping in mind the Single Responsability Principle and Modularity.