Platform: PC (Ludum Dare 38)
Engine: Unity 5
Role: Game Programmer


This is a game for bad guys. You control a super cute germ covered by colorful jelly (yes, we’re sure it’s for bad guys, don’t be distracted by cuteness)

It’s a super resistent germ which has to survive inside a human body. Of course it would try to kill you (you’re an evil germ, don’t forget it), but you have 4 colorful and powerful skills:

  • Green: Throw a sticky jelly to the walls around you. Then, press left or right arrow to stick yourself to the wall.
  • Blue: Throw a projectile to kill enemies.
  • Purple: Make a quick dash forward.
  • Yellow: Throw yellow jelly on the ground to jump higher.

You would have to fight some body soldiers too. Don’t forget you’re inside a human body and he doesn’t like you. You would be able to fight the cute colorful lymphocytes attacking them but if you’re wise, you will learn to disguise yourself to pass unnoticed without wasting jelly. You can avoid your enemies if you have the same color as them!

I was working on the tasks below:

  • UI/UX Programming
  • Mechanics
    • 4 different skills
    • The sticky one interact with the enviroment in every place (change the floor to sticky floor)
    • Platform style. Control where player is grounded or touching wall
    • Dash skill. Using impulses to simulate a dash. Looks soft.
    • Ignore interactions with enemies based on player color
  • Basic Enemies AI
    • Idle Walking
    • Idle walking and Running to player on detection
  • Visual effects
    • Transitions and dynamics canvas