About me

Game Work Experience

Programmer Experience

  • Junior Programmer at Everis. October 2015 – Present
    • I have been developing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Client – Server application to Vodafone. My principal task there are:
      • Develope differents functionalities required by the Client following the Documents
      • Design and execute unitary test to validate the correct behaviour of the code developed
      • Design and execute integrate test to validate the functionality is what is required from the client.
      • Detect possible bugs and fixed it without impact in other functionalities and anticipating for future incidences.

Academic Experience

  • Physics Degree at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 2009 – 2015
    • Ability to understand complex behaviour to model in mathematical language.
    • Knowledge:
      • Electromagnetism: knowleedge about electricity and magnetism to be able to apply in physic systems as circuits
      • Mechanics: Kinematic and Dynamic of bodies. Model bodies trayectories and its interaction.
      • Algebra, Calculus and Geometry: Using abstraction to face problems, have in mind different operation as Derivatives, Integrals and Numerical Methods to make complex operations easier, and deep knowlede about model space in matrix and operate with it to simulate real world.
      • Statistics and Analyze Data. Model big amount of data to extract information of it. Predictions models base on data to anticipate to future situations.