Platform: Mobile (Global Game Jam ’17)
Engine: Unity 4
Role: Game Programmer and Game Designer

Exploring an infinite spaceship with our little photon trying to avoid being eaten by “Great Ñam Hole” . This spaceship is full of strange mechanisms loving to stop your travel around the ship. Your only power as a wave is being sometimes particle and sometimes wave. Protect our little photon!

We thought wave will be an endless runner wiith a different background for a “runner” (It’s a photon being particle and wave). We make this game as Ethereal Psyche Games in the Global Game Jam ’17 but later we decided to keep working in this game for a month. We added some visual effects on canvas an UI/UX and a upgrade system for the wave.

I was working on the tasks below:

  • UI/UX Programming
  • Procedural level generation
    • I made an easy system based on piece of designed level. We made this decision to have a procedural designed game instead of a pure random level.
    • Procedural system had checkpoints where we controlled the difficulty of the game (spawn L pieces, vertical pieces, horizontal pieces with more dangerous obstacles)
  • Upgrade system
    • In every session you took energy and photons to spend on different upgrades as more life, life regeneration, max capacityof energy per Level, etc.
    • This was an interesting challenge as a programmer because I had to make a solid save system taking control of cost, energy deposited on every container, levels of containers (life, lif regeneration, energy capacity…), etc.
  • Wave/Particle System
    • I had to make a state machine with one state as a particle with Rigidbody (with its interactions) and other state as a wave (who hasn’t interactions with physical objects)
    • Particle move in a direction which can be modified by dragging the wave in the desired direction.
    • To change to wave you had only to click on the particle. As a wave you cross every wall but you can still interactuate with certain objects. To be particle again you could click on every point of the wave to spawn there as a particle.
  • Obstacles
    • I had to make different objetcs to interactuate with particle and wave states.
    • Lightining kill the particle but do nothing on wave
    • Generator do nothing on particle but taking life on wave